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Alchemical Poetry Grace Under Water

Alchemical Poetry Grace Under Water Cover
Hands, pale and folded, remind me
I was there before wings,
upon a ladder, holding a cup, waving goodbye;
Though I’ve no idea how or why.

It is not easy to forget myself,
worn as I am in this art of clothes,
mostly I am cloud white and corduroy,
a gliding vessel wedded to flight.

I am the determination to transcend,
to dip into the darkness
from a safety of days; though
once I fix things they tend to die.

I seek a Tarot of assurances, to know
that the difference between a swan
and a man merely lies
in twin aspects gone awry.

by Peter Valentyne

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Protamine Sulfate

Protamine Sulfate Cover
Protamine sulfate is a drug that reverses the anticoagulant effects of heparin by binding to it. Protamine was originally isolated from the sperm of sharks and other species of fish but is now produced primarily through recombinant biotechnology. It is a highly cationic peptide. It binds to heparin to form a stable ion pair which does not have anticoagulant activity; on its own, protamine has a weak anticoagulant effect. The complex of heparin and protamine is then removed and broken down by the reticuloendothelial system.

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Harbi Al Himyari

Harbi Al Himyari Cover
Harbi al-Himyari, was an Arab scholar from Yemen, who lived between the 7th and 8th century CE. He is famous as the teacher of the Islamic alchemist Jabir ibn Hayyan, who is considered the Father of Chemistry by some. According to Holmyard nothing else is known about him.

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